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The 1st ethically sourced plant_based superfood – the healthiest choice for your dog & the planet


100% Plant Protein

A wholesome blend of high quality & easily digestible plant proteins*

Expert Approved

Backed by leading vets & nutritionists, outperforming industry standards

Herbie Wilde Provenance

Farm To Bowl

The highest quality ingredients ethically sourced from our Partner Growers

Flexi-Diet Friendly

Serve as part of a complete standalone meal or part of a flexi-diet


Dairy, soya & grain free** with no artificial preservatives or flavourings

No nasties. No nonsense. All superfoods.

A new breed of delicious dog food that is so much more than nutritionally complete. Formulated by leading canine nutritionists and vets, to include 39 beautiful plant-based, farm-to-bowl ingredients, chosen for their health benefits. Packed with all the nutrients dogs need to thrive.


Herbie Web Dogs on Beach – Plant-based Superfood Dog Food

39 natural ingredients with unique & powerful wellness benefits


Packed with antioxidants and vitamins A & E to support immunity and cardiovascular health.


Bursting with mighty antioxidants to help maintain the immune system and good overall health.

Sweet Potato

Top of the nutrient scale – high in gut-happy fibre & essential vitamins for overall good health

Pea protein

A great source of protein, peas are also rich in fibre for digestion & control blood sugar levels.


This quality source of protein is overflowing with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients & fibre.


Supreme plant protein containing all 9 essential amino acids, supporting vital bodily functions.


Rich in iodine and trace minerals, to help support oral health and a glossy coat.


A powerful combination of insoluble & soluble fibres, antioxidants, vitamins & minerals.

Sunflower oil

A great source of omega-6 fatty acids for a glossy coat & lower in saturated fat than animal fat.


Brimming with beta-carotene that supports heart function & promotes healthy eyes and skin.

Beautiful ingredients with integrity

Quality is often claimed but rarely evidenced.  We are proud of our Growers, their ethical farming methods, and the quality of their produce. We hope that by offering transparency, the quality of our food speaks for itself. 


How to switch to Herbie Wilde

Why plant-based is the future - Herbie Wilde - One

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Visit our Shop and choose your order size, or click the ‘Free Sample’ sign above to receive a 100g tester pack.

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Choose your plan

You’re in control of your full or flexi-diet plan. Subscribe to save & reduce delivery emissions.

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Receive & enjoy

Delivered in eco-friendly packaging. Finally—a postie your doggo is happy to see.

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Sharing the love

Better for your dog, better for the planet, and we donate to ethical causes.  You’re a Herbie Hero!

Why plant-based is the future for our dogs

Dogs can get everything they need and more from a complete and balanced plant-based diet. With recent studies showing a plethora of powerful wellbeing benefits, it’s time to champion the power of plants. Let’s help our pups and planet thrive.


Bella, Mixed Breed

“Herbie Wilde has totally resolved Bella’s IBS and digestion issues! Her poos have improved massively too and are now formed, good solid and no smell. She loves her food now!”

Sue – Greyhound

“Herbie Wilde food has transformed Sue’s life!  She was a very timid, unconfident rescue dog and since eating Herbie Wilde – she loves her food and it has increased her confidence and her personality has come out with so many cheeky moments!”

Teddy, Labrador

“We feel so positive about Herbie Wilde.  Teddy loved the food right from the start!  His coat is now so lovely and shiny and he has lovely bursts of energy but is still his chilled self.  We would recommend it!”

Simba – Pomerania

“Our experience of Herbie Wilde has been amazing and very positive.  Simba loves his food and his coat was a lot shinier and thicker.  He is also a lot more active.  When we ran out of Herbie Wilde, Simba didn’t want to eat his old food so we are excited to be able to buy it when your launch!  We love your company ethos and that you are fully ethical!”

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