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Our promise. A better future for our dogs.

Herbie Wilde is grounded in our love for dogs and the belief that we need to be more mindful of our environmental impact – to live consciously, respect nature’s resources and look after the land that provides for us.

We believe the responsibility of care we take with our food extends beyond that to communities, animals and environments we touch while placing sustainability at the core of our business.

Laying Down Our Sustainable Roots

We believe true ‘value’ is measured by the impact we have.  Focusing on our impact has enabled us to build a kinder business, one that prioritises purpose over profit.  While plant-based, ethically sourced food is a huge step towards a better future for our dogs and our planet, we know we must continue to always strive for better.

How are we doing?

We have worked for years to ensure we have transparency across our supply chain. Allowing us to ensure we always have the best quality ingredients, while also selecting farmers who are philosophically aligned with our duty of care for the animals, people and environments we touch.

Why plant-based is the future - Herbie Wilde - One



Our British Alfalfa farm maintains 142 miles of hedgerow and more than 36 acres of wild bird conservation. A further 170 acres is dedicated to archaeological protection, species-rich grassland and wildflower margins for Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.

Why plant-based is the future - Herbie Wilde - Two



Our Honduran Sweet Potato farmer Rodolfo deliberately employs more women than men. This often makes the women the main earners for their families which elevates their status in the local community and beyond.

Why plant-based is the future - Herbie Wilde - Three


Our British Chia farmer Peter, is proud to focus on a clear environmental plan that includes working on a variety of objectives such as pollen mixes for bees, biodiversity, soil fertility and wildlife corridors.

Why plant-based is the future - Herbie Wilde - Four


Our pumpkin farm explained that they prioritise using historic and organic farming techniques to maintain the soil quality as well as maintaining areas for wildlife and biodiversity.  You’ll often see the farm dogs in the long grass!

Why plant-based is the future - Herbie Wilde - Five


Our British Seaweed farmer’s harvesting methods are designed with the continued health of wild seaweed in mind for generations to come.  They also dry the seaweed with a Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) compliant method instead of fossil fuels.

Why plant-based is the future - Herbie Wilde - Six


Where we have been unable to find ingredients local to the UK, we have prioritised high-quality sustainable farms.  As a way to minimise our impact, we have worked with our trusted suppliers to consolidate our shipping to minimise our footprint.

Why plant-based is the future - Herbie Wilde - Seven


Our British Quinoa farmer Andrew, is part of the Sustainable Farming Incentive which rewards farmers for improvements to water quality, biodiversity and climate change mitigation.



When it comes to materials, we use recyclable, natural or biodegradable across the company.  At Herbie Wilde HQ we have wildflower meadows, look after bees and use solar panels for our electricity and a ground source heat pump to keep us warm.

Harvesting a happier future

We know we’re not perfect—by simply existing we have an impact. But this is our pledge to always do better.  We rely on nature to provide the ingredients used to produce our food, and we want to ensure the land that provides for us is able to provide for future generations and the wildlife that relies on it.

We will continue to support others who are purpose driven, including supporting environmental charities and launching our own Re-Wilde-ing charity initiative by the end of 2024. We’ll keep you updated with how we are doing, every step of the way.

Our planet promise – vegetarian society approved

Plant-based, always

A wholesome blend of high quality plant-based ingredients, fully traceable from farm to bowl.

Our planet promise – re-wilde-ing project

The Re-wilde-ing Project

Helping fund the conservation and preservation of our wild places and encourage rewilding in our urban spaces for everyone, and everything, we share them with.

Our planet promise – 1% for the planet

1% For The Planet

We’re proud to be donating 1% of every sale to support environmental causes.

Our planet promise – ethical company award

Ethical Company Award

The guarantee of outstanding ethical standards across people, animals and the environment.

Our planet promise – 100% recyclable packaging

100% recyclable

Building long-term relationships with suppliers for the most sustainable packaging solutions.

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