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Beautiful ingredients with integrity. Traceable from farm to bowl.

39 natural ingredients with unique & powerful wellness benefits

Our food is formulated with nutrient-dense veggies, fruit and ancient seeds, vitamins & minerals and herbs & botanicals. Each ingredient is selected to optimise your dog’s health and well-being, supporting and promoting the following vital dog-ily functions.


Packed with antioxidants and vitamins A & E to support immunity and cardiovascular health.


Natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory to help maintain skin health and boost digestion.


Rich in Vitamins A and C which can support healthy bones, skin, and vision as well as immunity.


Known to have anti-inflammatory anti-bacterial properties which can help support skin health.

Brewer's yeast

Rich in antioxidants and B vitamins to support digestive health, healthy skin & a glossy coat.

Whole linseed

Rich in omega 3 oils, whole linseeds support a shiny coat and is a great anti-inflammatory.

Sunflower oil

A great source of omega-6 fatty acids for a glossy coat & lower in saturated fat than animal fat.


Rich in iodine and trace minerals, to help support oral health and a glossy coat.


Brimming with beta-carotene that supports heart function & promotes healthy eyes and skin.

Ingredients to help your dog thrive

Our unique blend of 39 ethically sourced functional ingredients have been selected to optimise your dog’s health and wellbeing, supporting and promoting the below health benefits.

Herbie Wilde Nutrition Health Benefits Dog Wellbeing
Vegan Certified Herbie Wilde Nutrition Health Benefits Allergens

100% Vegan and Natural Ingredients

Soy Free Herbie Wilde Nutrition Health Benefits Allergens

Soya Free

Herbie Wilde Nutrition Health Benefits Allergens

Gluten and Grain Free

Meat and Dairy Free Herbie Wilde Nutrition Health Benefits Allergens

Meat and Dairy Free

Delicious Taste Herbie Wilde Nutrition Health Benefits Allergens

Delicious, Vibrant Flavours

Formulated to help prevent common health issues

As fellow dog lovers, we understand that our dog’s health is at the forefront of every decision we make for them. We have therefore chosen ingredients that are scientifically proven to actively support your dog’s health, aiming to prevent common health issues and concerns:

Herbie Wilde is naturally high in fibre from ingredients like peas, pumpkin and seeds; these keep dogs full longer and help maintain a healthy weight. Our food is lower in saturated fats and richer in omega oils than many meat-based diets. It is no surprise, therefore, that a study into dog diets showed that meat-based diets contained higher calories than well-balanced complete plant-based food.

Herbie Wilde has been formulated to exclude the most common allergens for dogs (beef, chicken, wheat, soy and dairy).  We are also grain-free and naturally hypoallergenic, making us perfect for dogs suffering from food-related allergies and intolerances.

Our food should not only help to resolve skin issues, but it also has active ingredients such as whole linseeds, sunflower oil and chia seeds, chosen for their rich omega 3 & 6 content to help promote healthy skin and a glossy coat.

We have formulated a selection of ingredients chosen to support good gut health. We use ingredients such as apples to positively modulate the gut bacteria, yeast to prevent harmful bacteria from adhering to the gut wall, and chicory root to feed good bacteria for all-round gut health. We have also included MOS & FOS prebiotics to support a healthy microbiome and immune function resulting in better stool consistency.

Our recipe is formulated with health-supporting beta-carotene-rich ingredients like alfalfa, sweet potato, carrots, and added taurine to promote good heart health for longevity.

The most extensive study of its kind found that plant-based is the “healthiest and least hazardous dietary choice for dogs”. Additional research by the University of Guelph concluded that dogs could live up to 1.5 years longer on a plant-based diet.

Herbie Wilde is high in anti-inflammatory ingredients such as seaweed, blueberries and marigolds, which support strong, healthy joints (making it an excellent fit for senior dogs). Vitamin D is integral to a dog’s skeletal system since it helps control calcium deposits and calcium absorption from the bone.

Herbie Wilde also focuses on all-important heart health by including adequate omega 3, vitamin B, taurine, and its precursors, lysine and methionine, all carefully formulated to support a plant-based diet and optimal health in our dogs.

Discover Our Herbie Wilde Growers

Having spent years sourcing beautiful ingredients from carefully selected farms, we are proud to celebrate our Growers, their ethical farming methods and the quality of their produce.  We hope that by offering transparency, the quality of our food speaks for itself.

A word on provenance

Provenance is defined as an ingredient’s origin – used as a guide to authenticity and quality. In an industry lacking transparency, we decided to be different.

Our authenticity and quality come from years of work building solid relationships with our farmers and seeing our ingredients nurtured from seedlings to harvest. We hope that by offering transparency, the quality of our food speaks for itself.

Provenance for our planet

Provenance also matters for understanding how our choice of ingredients impacts our planet. From the wildlife corridors on our Quinoa farm in Essex to our Sweet Potato farm prioritising employing women to help support local families to our Seaweed farm in Scotland, which uses renewable heat over fossil fuels for drying their harvest. We select partner growers who give back to our planet and the people and animals we share it with.

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