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Why is provenance important for your dog and the planet?

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As a dog parent, it’s not always easy to know what large companies are up to, which is why provenance of ingredients is so important—so that you can make the best possible choices for the health and longevity of pups and the planet alike.


Provenance is the story behind a product. It’s about where it comes from and how it got to you. 

For example, if you buy chicken raised on an organic farm, you can be sure your meat isn’t contaminated with antibiotics or hormones. If you buy coffee that was grown under fair trade conditions, you’re helping farmers earn a living wage while protecting their natural environment (and getting yourself a delicious brew). And if you buy your dog high-quality food made from ingredients sourced from sustainably managed farms, then there are fewer chances of contamination by harmful pesticides and chemicals used during growing operations.


Provenance is important because it can mean better health for your four-legged friend. It gives you insight into how ingredients are grown, which can help you make better-informed decisions about what to buy. Namely, it can be the difference between good ingredients and bad ones.

What is the best way to ensure that what you’re feeding your dog is doing them good? Know exactly what goes into each bowl of food—and make sure that everything listed on the packaging is recognisable and actually there. Of course, being able to read ingredients doesn’t ensure quality or safety, but knowing what ingredients are present makes it easier to compare different brands and decide which one works best for your doggo.

Provenance is also important for dog parents because dogs have very sensitive stomachs, so knowing that their food comes from a trusted source ensures they eat only healthy ingredients without any additives or preservatives that could upset their tummy.


In the case of dog food, provenance is especially important for the planet because it affects:

  • How many resources were used during manufacturing;
  • Whether your dog’s food is sourced locally.
  • Whether you’re supporting responsible farmers who produce their crops ethically.

Provenance helps us to understand how our purchases are impacting the planet in both positive and negative ways. For example, if you buy products from small farmers who use sustainable farming techniques, then you are supporting local economies and reducing your impact on climate change because fewer fossil fuels are needed for production compared to those used by large-scale agricultural industries that operate overseas.

When it comes to supply chain transparency, this allows you to make better purchasing decisions by giving you access to information about where products come from and how they’re produced. Sustainable pet food contains ingredients sourced from provenance-aware farms that adhere to stringent farming standards and practices—creating a more sustainable alternative to traditional dog food.

Provenance can also help you make sure that you’re buying from a company whose values align with yours when it comes to animal welfare and sustainability.


Brands that value provenance delivers quality ingredients and transparency in their dog food. They are committed to the sustainable sourcing of human-grade ingredients while also being transparent about where they source their ingredients from. As a result, it’s the safest option for your dog and the planet.

At Herbie Wilde we list all 39 hand-chosen ingredients on our packaging, because we believe that transparency is an essential part of a healthy relationship between humans and animals. By letting you know exactly what’s inside your dog’s food, we’re being honest about what makes it so good for them—and also better for the planet.

For us, provenance means knowing where our ingredients are from, and sourcing them locally wherever possible to reduce our carbon footprint and support local communities. But it also means understanding how each ingredient was produced: Did it come from a sustainable farm? Was it grown without pesticides? And did those farmers care about their land as much as they cared about profits?


Provenance matters because when we know where our dog’s food comes from, it helps us understand how we can impact the planet—and help keep our four-legged friends healthy into their golden years.

We’re constantly learning more about how to make our product as sustainable as possible, and we hope that by reading this article, you’ll be inspired to find ways in which your choices might make a difference too.

At Herbie Wilde, provenance before profits is our motto. We’re proud to promise only ethically sourced and traceable ingredients—from farms, we’ve literally got on speed dial. Carefully selected so you can make the healthiest choice for your dog and the planet.

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